Susak Investments, LLC


Through the years we have gained both a reputation for excellent quality and high end building while maintaining the essence of a small, pure company that has not forgotten its roots. Our name reflects two very significant elements of our work philosophy: an appreciation of history and a sense of commitment.


The first element, “Susak”, is Chris’s wife Andrea’s maiden name and originates from Susak Island, a Croatian island located in the Adriatic Sea 20 miles from the Croatian coast and 75 miles from the Italian coast. The geography of the island is unique to the world, being formed entirely of fine sand called loess laid on a limestone rock base deposited there by the river Po during the last ice age. Because of this, the island is very sensitive to erosion and weathering and the entire island has been declared a nature preserve.

The first houses were built of rocks and earth bricks with thatched roofs. Later, dry wall building constructions of stones (shipped from the main land) were made. Today, there are 684 houses on the island which are monitored by strict architectural protection laws regulating new construction and maintaining that existing homes can only be renovated in the original style.


In·vest·ment (ĭn-vĕst′mǝnt) n.

  1. The act of investing.
  2. An amount invested.
  3. Property or another possession acquired for future financial return or benefit.
  4. A commitment, as of time or support.

    Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
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The second element, “Investment,” is used to reflect our recognition of how important your home is to you as well as our commitment to the stewardship of every project of ours before, during and after the building process. We understand and appreciate every single facet of what goes into making a house a home. We are proud of our projects and their individual reflection of a team’s collaboration towards making buildings great.